Even Michael Jackson is getting in on the action, with his own fukubukuro in 2019

We pop open a lucky bag essential for fans of the late King of Pop.

Although the custom of selling discounted bags of assorted items during New Year’s called fukubukuro is largely a Japanese thing, American businesses have been known to get in on the action as well. However, we may have found the first instance of an American persolucky bag.

We’re talking about none other than the world’s greatest pop star, Michael Jackson. Even his untimely death in 2009 hasn’t dimmed this bright star’s marketing potential. Our Japanese-language writer Sachi Ojiya came across the Michael Jackson fukubukuro sold from Japanese music merch retail website PGS for 7,560 yen (US$70). It promised about three T-shirts, four small items, and a limited edition calendar.

Sachi wasn’t really a huge Michael Jackson fan, but decided to take the plunge on this unique offering anyway and bought one. Here’s what she got:

Michael Jackson 2019 Limited Fukubukuro

● 3 T-shirts featuring Michael’s classic open arms pose…

… an “Olodum” pattern…

…and his ill-fated 2009 show at London’s O2 Areana.

3 Posters, including one with a moving image of Michael dancing when you change the angle.

Despite using a technique often found on children’s toys, the quality of this animation was surprisingly good and Sachi found herself tilting it back and forth more than she expected.

● 1 Button

● 2 Calendars

The quality of everything was very good, and Michael would probably at least be happy that his name wasn’t being tarnished with cheap junk. The calendars were especially nice. Each one looked exactly like a



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