Eevee Day now officially recognized in Japan as a day to celebrate the cute furry Pokémon

On 21 November 2018, Eevee became legendary.

Most people view the lovable Pikachu as the face of famous monster-catching game Pokémon. But equally as charming is the brown cat-fox creature known as Eevee, who has recently gained enough fame to bust out its very own adorable Eevee parade.

What’s more, a special branch from the Pokémon company has been going to great lengths in supporting Pikachu’s trusty buddy. Called Project Eevee, the team has even approached the Japan Anniversary Association to mark 21 November as the official day for Eevee.

▼ For the record, not even Pikachu has his own day yet.
(Translation below)

㊗「#イーブイの日」日本記念日協会認定! 11月21日を「イー(11)ブイ(21)」と読む語呂合わせからから生まれたこの日は、元々ファンの皆様によって考案され、大切にされてきた特別な日。 これまでイーブイを愛し・応援してくださって……

【公式】プロジェクトイーブイ (@project_eevee) November 21, 2018

“Eevee Day has been confirmed by the Japan Anniversary Association! The play on the words Ee (11) vee (21) was originally thought up by fans for this very special day, and is now officially established thanks to everyone’s overwhelming support.”

Eevee’s name in Japanese is pronounced iibui, and since the i part sounds like the beginning of “ichi” (“one” in Japanese), Project Eevee surmised that the leading ii would refer to two ones, or 11 to be exact. As for the bu portion of bui, in Japanese it closely matches the fu in “futatsu” (“two” in Japanese). Hence, i-i-bu-i could mean 1-1-2-1, or “21 November.”

▼ As the news was announced on the morning of 21 November,
fans rushed to commemorate with awesome art before the day was over.

#イーブイの日 ぴょこぴょこするイーブイたん!

めぐみ ・ᴗ・12月半ばに通販 (@motitata) November 21, 2018

▼ One artist imagined Eevee as tea with different flavors.

#イーブイの日 可能性は∞のflavor☕️

ノンシャン@イーブイなう (@nonkumakawayusu) November 21, 2018

▼ How could anyone not like this brown bundle of joy?

イーブイの日記念日協会認定おめでとう! 誕生日がポケモン記念日になってとてもうれしい #イーブイの日

may (@picca_) November 21, 2018

▼ Some of the artwork was simply astonishing…

冬毛! #イーブイの日

❄️Rady❄️ (@RadyWolf) November 21, 2018

▼ …while others melted our hearts.

#イーブイの日 『ぬくぬくしてただけです。何でしょう??……んーん?💠』なとこです!

蒼花 (@souka_evkite82) November 21, 2018

Japanese netizens were ecstatic at the news:

“Make this a nine-day holiday.”
“My birthday actually falls on that day. It’s a great honor to share it with Eevee.”
“Congratulations, you little furball!”
“The next day is Good Couple Day. I wonder who Eevee’s bride is.”
“I’m so happy! Eevee’s really precious to me.”

We’re glad fans of the little brown creature are rejoicing. So mark your calendars in advance, everyone, because it will be a full year before Eevee Day rolls around again on 21 November. And if you’re extremely lucky, an adorable life-size Eevee might just decide to visit you for some epic hugs.

Source: Twitter/@project_eevee via Nijimen
Featured image: Twitter/@project_eevee



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