Dudes get killed in the newest Hello Kitty anime【Video】

The Hello Kitty/Gundam crossover seems to have no interest in toning down the violence of a mecha war in space.

Back in the spring, the Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project launched, in joint celebration of the 45th birthday of Japan’s favorite cute cat character and the 40th for its most famous anime robot. But despite the “vs.” part of the name, there two aren’t out to destroy each other, as the conflict is more of a popularity contest, with fans tossing their support towards one side of another by eating or shopping at participating shops and restaurants, with the chance to earn exclusive merch as prizes.

However, things aren’t nearly so peaceful in the ongoing Gundam vs. Hello Kitty short web anime series. Episode 1 starts out deceptively sweet, with Kitty-chan setting out cups and cookies for a tea party in her home, until she gets a sudden message, though her TV, from Haro, the ball-shaped robot buddy of Gundam pilot protagonist Amuro.

“Save Amuro” Haro instructs Kitty, while showing her scenes from the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam TV series where a heavy-hearted Amuro sorties out to do battle with enemy forces, mixing tearful sadness at the atrocities of war with a steely declaration of “I’ll defeat you.”

Kitty responds with agitated distress. “Wait, we’re all friends, aren’t we? Don’t talk about ‘defeating’ people!” she says to the TV screen, before realizing this is a message she needs to deliver to Amuro directly, and in order to do so she dashes out the door and appears in outer space, in front of Amuro and his Gundam, in a Kitty-shaped mecha of her own.

This brings us right up to the start of Episode 2, where Kitty tries to talk Amuro out of fighting.

▼ “If you talk to each other, I’m sure you can work things out! Let’s stop fighting. We’re all friends!”



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