Detective Pikachu makes his Pokémon Cafe debut with new menu items for the live-action sleuth

The first-ever live-action Pokémon movie is getting a special salute from Tokyo’s permanent Poké-eatery.

Living in Japan teaches you to be patient, and not because of any Zen philosophy or harmony with the natural world. No, the real reason being in Japan cultivates a spirit of unhurried stoicism is because we generally only get blockbuster movies weeks, or sometimes even months, after the rest of the world.

But we’re getting a rare case of good luck with the live-action Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie, which is debuting in Japan on May 3, a full week ahead of when it comes out in the U.S. What’s more, roughly a week before that Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe, in keeping with its spirit of continual evolution, will begin offering new Detective Pikachu menu items!

Starting things off is the Detective Pikachu Macaroni and Cheese (1,706 yen [US$15.40], with the Pika-sleuth’s slightly jagged form being a deliberate choice by the cafe’s chefs to recreate the “scruffiness” of the CG Pikachu that Ryan Reynolds voices in the film.

Despite the name, though, the Detective Pikachu Macaroni and Cheese looks less like the staple of hungry/lazy American college kids, and more like the baked cheese and pasta dish called “gratin” in Japan. It’s also made with three different kinds of cheese, which, while not specified as such in the official description, you could take as a coincidental symbol of the Pokémon franchise moving into a third medium, live-action film, following its success in anime and video games.

In the drink department, there’s the new Detective Pikachu Electric Shock? Float (1,274 yen), which is a mixture of lemon soda, ice cream, and tingly Pop Rocks-style candy, plus a zig-zagging Pikachu tail cookie.

And if you’re extra-hungry, there’s the Detective Pikachu and Psyduck Combo (2,570 yen), with the pairing chosen because, according to the Pokémon Cafe, Psyduck has a pretty big role to play in the Detective Pikachu movie.

▼ Though it’s not exactly clear what the edible Psyduck actually is.



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