Clash of the Coffees! What was our number 1 Starbucks Frappucino for 2018?

2018 brought us a whole host of delicious iced drinks, but what was the firm Frappucino favorite in our office?

There’s a saying in Japanese, onnagokoro to akinosora, which basically translates as “a woman’s desires change as fast as the autumn weather”. Starbucks, the global coffee enterprise, is especially popular with women in Japan: and nowhere are their fleeting fancies more indulged than by the cafe’s rotating menu of seasonal Frappucinos.

And what a year for Frappucinos 2018 was! Our reporter K. Masami is still an ardent disciple of Starbucks and she tried each tasty offering they served up last year. So here’s her ranking of the top five drinks that Starbucks served last year, while we wait for the first Frappes of 2019!

5. White Brew and Macadamia Frappucino (March)

One of 2018’s earlier items, we had our reporter Meg taste-test this deceptively snow-white drink, which stunned her with its rich, smooth coffee flavor. Masami was also shocked: who would think you could get all the deep, velvety tones of coffee in this light, frothy looking drink?

The secret is the “espresso milk” that forms the drink’s base. That little surprise you get from the dissonance of a “dark” flavor from a “light”, lower-caffeine liquid is just one of many ways Starbucks keeps surprising their customers, and keeps them coming back for more!

4. Goma Goma Goma Frappucino (December)

This drink sold at the end of 2018 and you may still be able to snap one up at your local store. From that triple-stacked title, you can expect a drink loaded to the cap with Japanese sesame goodness: and the Goma Goma Goma delivers on all fronts! With rich goma syrup, and a crushed sesame cookie topping in gold, white and black, even the drink’s appearance calls back classic Japanese aesthetics!

Masami also praised May’s Kaga Bo Hojicha Frappucino but preferred the “modern” sesame overall. She said the drink took an extra level in taste with the addition of an extra shot of espresso. Well worth a try if this budding classic comes back!

3. Peach Pink Fruits Frappucino (July)



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