Cats in Japan say “nyao,” except for this one that says “ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli”【Video】

Kitty freaks out the Internet by appearing to speak, possibly perform black magic.

One of the weirdest things about comparing languages is when you find out that different languages have different ways of imitating the sounds animals make. For example, in English cats say “meow,” but in Japan, they say “nyao,” “nya,” or “nyan.”

Oh, except for Chobimaru, one of the four cats owned by Japanese Twitter user @llritotomohiro. He says “ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli” instead.


LLR伊藤 (@llritotomohiro) November 11, 2018

“Chobimaru is talking again…Scary…” tweeted @llritotomohiro, who says this is the second time the kitty has emitted this guttural, rhythmical series of sounds. And it’s not just Chobimaru’s owner who was freaked out, but his feline housemates as well. After he starts chanting, another cat comes over with a concerned expression, then wanders off when Chobimaru makes absolutely no response to its worried nuzzling.

▼ “Hey, I’m busy trying to terrify the Internet, OK?” Chobimaru seems to be thinking.

Meanwhile, another cat, seated on a cushion, looks on with the cold eyes of someone just barely keeping himself from slipping into the abyss of total panic.

@llritotomohiro 傍観してる猫の冷めた表情で草

Rear_Guild (@EDGEHEKUNUMENIA) November 13, 2018

Online commenters reacted with a mix of nervous laughter and laughing nervousness.

“It’s like when a drunk dude has something he REALLY wants to tell you, but you’ve got no idea what he’s saying.”
“It almost sounds like he’s saying “Kohi hoshii” [“I want coffee.”]. Does he have a caffeine addiction?”
“Sounds to me like he’s trying to cast a magic spell.”

Then there was one creative type who heard Chobimaru’s soulful wailing as “Go yeah,” and remixed his vocals with a hip hop beat.

▼ Perfect for both ring tones and dance club chill rooms.

@llritotomohiro 衝動を抑えられずTrapにしてしまいました。 ご気分害されたなら速やかに削除します。

左手@アルバム出しました。 (@lefthand_for_it) November 13, 2018

A few other cat owners even chimed in to say they’d had similar experiences with their own animals, often as portents of trouble soon to come.

“Did Chobimaru throw up after this? When my cat sounds like he’s casting an incantation, I always run to grab some newspapers and tissues.”
“My cat does the same thing! After he makes this kind of noise, he throws up. It’s nice of him to always give me an advance warning.”

However, @llritotomohiro, while thanking everyone for their concern, was happy to report

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