Beginner Live2D anime artist creates eldritch horrors that warp reality when they move【Video】

The leap from static drawings to animation has never been so drastic.

Meet Twitter user @nasa_c.

絵描き好きさん、可愛い女の子大好きさんと繋がりたいです! よろしくお願いします! #絵描きさんと繫がりたい #イラスト好きな人と繋がりたい #いいねした人全員フォロー #RTした人全員フォローする #私を布教して

なの(お絵かきにんげん) (@c_nasa) November 23, 2018

He’s a guy who loves to draw, and especially loves to draw cute girls. His Twitter is full of gentle-looking pastel-colored maidens who tenderly nibble at sweets or look off into the far distance, touched with a gentle sense of melancholy, and sometimes they gambol together in groups, other times they pose adorably on their own. The key word here, though, is cute: @nasa_c loves drawing cute things, and it’s reflected in his work.

Or at least, it’s reflected in his 2-D work. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his recent foray into Live2D animation; often viewed as an interim between 2-D and 3-D art, it allows you to articulate joints and animate expressions on characters, as well as use mouth flaps when they talk. It’s a popular medium for virtual YouTubers.

But as @nasa_c was new to the field, he made some egregious errors with dire consequences.

“This is what happens when a newbie tries to do Live2D.”


なの(お絵かきにんげん) (@c_nasa) February 03, 2019

At first the video looks disarmingly cute, just like his other work – a smiling girl looks out directly at the viewer. Then everything goes a bit…wonky.

▼ “Hello there.”

Before long the poor girl’s mouth has migrated away from her face, much like the hapless heroine in My Sister, My Writer.

▼ “…”

▼ “Am I cute, big brother…?”

Netizens became immediately attached to this hilariously upsetting creation. “When’s her virtual YouTuber debut?” asked one, while multiple others drew comparisons not only to My Sister, My Writer but the purposefully grotesque concoctions of animation group AC-bu.

▼ AC-bu are the guys to call when you want an ugly music video

Reactions spread from “this gave me PTSD” to I wanna be her

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