Awesome phone booth aquarium removed from Japanese city due to copyright infringement

After years of attracting visitors from all over Japan, this quirky display has finally moved on.

Yamatokoriyama in Nara Prefecture is famous for goldfish cultivation, with the entire city filled with cute motifs and logos that hint at its long legacy of breeding practices. One of its most famous attractions is a beautiful phone booth filled with water and vibrant goldfish, often drawing throngs of people hoping to catch a glimpse of this enigmatic object.

Fascinating as it may be, the unusual telephone box fish tank also bears a striking resemblance to Japanese contemporary artist Nobuki Yamamoto’s work, and it comes as no surprise then that he recently lodged an official complaint to the association responsible for installing the display

▼ The fish tank in Yamatokoriyama (left) and Yamamoto’s work (right).

金魚電話ボックス巡り提訴、奈良 「著作権侵害」と美術家… 共同通信47NEWS

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The infringement did not seem intentional, as



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