A visit to Tokyo’s Pokémon Shirts store, and what all 150 original species patterns look like

Pokémon fashion comes to Harajuku, and we’ve got a massive photo preview to help you decide how to customize your dress shirt.

Harajuku has become world-famous as a Japanese fashion center, but the trendy Tokyo neighborhood is actually divided into three distinct areas, each of which has its own look. Takeshita Street is the place for the fastest fashion, with designs and affordable prices that appeal to teenagers. Meanwhile, the tree-lined boulevard called Omotesando is where high-end international brands like to put their flagship stores.

Then there’s the network of side streets collectively called Ura Harajuku, meaning “Inner Harajuku.” This is where you’ll find clothing from smaller design houses that are more mature than what Takeshita has to offer, but more unique than Omotesando’s. And last weekend, it’s where you could find the Pokémon Shirts shop.

As the name implies, the store was stocked exclusively with apparel from Japanese label Original Stitch’s new Pokémon dress shirt line.

Don’t think for a second that means the store was short on variety, though. Original Stitch’s shirts are all made to order, and allow for a huge amount of customization. The biggest decision is whether to have the Pokémon pattern cover the entire shirt or some combination of the chest, collar, cuffs, and pocket, but there are also multiple collar options and the choice of long or short sleeves.



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