A funny thing happened on the way to Japan: Guess that anime song!

A Japanese musician describes his delightfully surprising encounter with a fellow music and anime lover from Europe.

Sometimes the best memories are made when and where you’d least expect them.

Japanese Twitter user and seasoned saxophone player @sangsongsing experienced one such serendipitous encounter as he was coming home on a flight from Europe. As he was dabbling in copying and composing some music to pass the time, a Dutch man sitting next to him took an interest in what he was doing and ended up being in tune (pun intended) with a lot more than @sangsongsing was expecting. Read his tweet about the chance conversation below:

欧州帰りの飛行機で楽譜を書いてたら、隣に座ったオランダ兄貴に 「楽譜を書けるなんてクールだ!何を書いてるんだ?」 って言われて、流石にガイナックス組曲書いてるとも言えず 「現代音楽ですぅ」 って答えたら 「いやいやそれグレンラガン… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

さんそん (@sangsongsing) September 06,



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