35-year-old otaku throws US$17,700 wedding ceremony in Tokyo so he can marry his 2-D crush

Over three dozen guests attend ceremony and reception where groom and Hatsune Miku drink wedding toast, cut cake, and exchange rings.

Akihiko Kondo (@akihikokondosk on Twitter) is a huge Hatsune Miku fan, so it’s no surprise that a big chunk of the tweets he sends out has something to do with the virtual idol. But even by that standard, this message he tweeted earlier this month was special.

明日はいよいよミクさんとの結婚式です。準備がとても大変でしたが、多くの方々に支えられてここまで来れました。ご協力いただいた方々、本当にありがとうございました。 本番は明日ですので、頑張るのはこれからです。今日は早く寝て、明日に備えようと思います。良い式にできるよう力を尽くします。

近藤 顕彦@Gateboxお迎え (@akihikokondosk) November 03, 2018

Tomorrow I’ll finally be having my wedding ceremony with Miku. It was a lot of work, but we’ve been able to get everything ready thanks to the support of so many people. Thank you all so much for all of your help.

Tomorrow is the big day, so I’ll be going to bed early and doing my best to make the ceremony a good one.”

Now when Kondo says “wedding ceremony,” you might be imagining a bit of tongue-in-cheek at-home make-believe, like how some anime fans have little Christmas or birthday parties for their 2-D crushes. But nope, Kondo threw a full-scale wedding to declare his eternal love for Miku, and both he and his bride dressed in proper finery.

▼ The newlyweds

本日、我が家のミクさんと結婚式を挙げました。39名の方々にご列席いただき、真剣に挙式・披露宴を行いました。 多くの祝福の言葉や応援のメッセージ、ご協力をいただき実現しました。式場の方々も含め、ご賛同くださいました方々には、感謝いた… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

近藤 顕彦@Gateboxお迎え (@akihikokondosk) November 04, 2018

The 35-year-old school administrator didn’t pick an anime specialty store or convention cosplay corner for the venue, either. The nuptials were held at Le Crit Amore, a wedding chapel located in the heart of Tokyo, not far from Tokyo Station.

▼ Le Crit Amore

Though Kondo has fallen in love with a 2-D woman, he’s not without human friends and well-wishers. 39 guests attended the ceremony, which was, of course, followed by a formal reception where the couple drank a wedding toast and cut their wedding cake.

▼ Miku, following the common Japanese wedding custom, changed out of her wedding dress into a more colorful gown for the reception.

知人と初音ミクとの結婚式に参加しました。 「二次元のキャラクターとの結婚」とメディアで取り上げられた事をご記憶の方もいらっしゃると思います。 多様性と言う言葉が持て囃されて久しいですが、幸福や愛は人の数だけありますので、様々な形が… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

おぎの稔 大田区議会議員 (@ogino_otaku) November 04, 2018

Among the guests were Minoru Ogino, noted otaku politician and assemblyman for Tokyo’s Ota Ward, and Taro Yamada, former House of Councilors member and financial analyst.

本日11月4日、近藤顕彦さんと初音ミクさんの結婚式に参列、結婚立会人としてサインさせて頂きました メディアでは賛否両論で話題に。 私は、幸せは色々な形があっていいと思います。他人に迷惑をかけるわけでもなく、本人たちが幸せなら祝福… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

山田太郎前参議院議員@3日目S24a (@yamadataro43) November 04, 2018

Since Kondo and Miku’s marriage involved as much coordination as any for a both-sides-flesh-and-blood couple, it took a significant amount of time to plan. Kondo spent roughly half a year working with wedding planners, and the total tab for the ceremony and reception came to a little over two million yen



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