12 hours of unlimited beer and hard liquor on offer at amazing Tokyo Internet cafe

An unbelievable deal in the center of one of Tokyo’s biggest bar districts.

Tokyo is full of places to grab an adult drink, with alcohol served at bars, izakaya pubs, casual restaurants, and even fast food joints. But we recently found an amazing but totally unexpected place to knock back a few after-work cold ones: our local Internet cafe.

Just a few blocks away from SoraNews24 headquarters, right in the middle of Tokyo’s downtown Shinjuku neighborhood, is a branch of the Raum chain of Internet cafes. Like pretty much all net cafes in Japan, it’s got a couple of nice creature comforts, like private booths with comfy chairs, walls of free manga to read, and a self-serve drink bar. However, what sets the Shinjuku Raum apart is that the drink bar doesn’t just have soft drinks, but all-you-can-drink booze too.

▼ The ground-floor sign for Raum, which is located on the fourth floor of the Oriental Wave building.

Just inside the net cafe’s entrance is a bank of self-service drink dispensers offering tea, juice, cola, and other standard soft drinks.

Next to that, though…

…is one of Japan’s automatic draft beer-pouring machines! Raum even gives customers who’re using the “adult drink bar” (as it calls the alcohol-inclusive service) frosted mugs.

Once we had our beer (Suntory is the house brew), we took it back



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