Wild Colors And Crazy Shades: Buying Unorthodox Hair & Makeup Products In Japan

Japan is truly one of the most beauty-conscious countries in the world, illustrated in its limited edition collections available at every convenience store, emergency makeup kits sold at gas stations and the readily available instant moisturizing face packs.

However, we know that while beauty is often about utility here, sometimes girls just wanna have fun. If you suddenly get the urge to steer away from the standard, chances are you’ll find yourself in a dead tunnel. That’s right, when it comes to beauty products that aren’t “the norm” per se (unless you’re a cosplayer or have access to the underworld of Japanese cosmetics), Japan is not the easiest place to shop. So, if you’re like me, a person who’d occasionally enjoy purple hair, glittery nails and unicorn-colored eyebrows, use the following list and come shop a little wild with me.

Bright, brighter, brightest nails

Fans of Japanese nail art



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