Real Life Stories From Japan: Women Who Lost Weight While Still Enjoying Actual Food

Three foreign women in Japan share their stories on struggling with weight and how they found their paths to looking and feeling good — each in their own unique way.

Q: How do you get a “bikini body”?
A: Put a bikini on your body!

But it isn’t quite that easy, is it? With summer around the corner, it’s the season for shedding layers and showing more skin. It’s also a time when a lot of us feel more anxious than usual about body image. Living in Japan can compound the issue.

On the plus side, a traditional Japanese diet is low in fat and uses a wide variety of vegetables. People here still pay attention to seasonal produce; portion sizes are sensible, and cooking at least part of one’s meal from scratch is common. On the other hand, fast food and processed convenience store meals are readily available, and the



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