Natsubate: How To Deal With Summer Fatigue In Japan

Natsubate is a condition you may have been experiencing without even realizing in this scorching heat. Here’s how to properly deal with it!

Walking outside in Japan right now is like walking through a sauna with your clothes on. You can feel the sunburn form on your skin while waiting at a crossing for the light to change. Taking a shower sounds like a refreshing idea until you wind up feeling sticky again, ten minutes later. Perhaps you’re feeling too tired to move, yet for some reason, it’s too hot to fall asleep. But the worst part of summer in Japan is the fatigue — where you look outside your window and see a beautiful day, but you can’t seem to get off of your sofa because all of the energy has drained from your body.

In Japan, there’s a word for this condition: natsubate. “Natsu” means summer, and “bate”



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