Japanese Seaweed: The Superfood You Can Find Everywhere (And Should Be Eating)

Think twice before you remove that nori from your onigiri.

Since ancient times, the Japanese people have used sea plants in a variety of ways in their lives ranging from food sources, dietary supplements, plant fertilizers and medical treatments. Pastes made from seaweed were once used to heal burns, as it was believed it prevented bacterial infections and soothed the skin, a practice that in modern times is continued through the use of facemasks and seaweed-rich serums.

Seaweeds are also a staple of the Japanese diet, an essential attribute to your miso soup, onigiri, sushi, salads and nori bento — among many more. Thanks to its numerous health and beauty benefits, widespread availability and cheap cost, Japanese seaweed has become a globally recognized staple food and beauty ingredient which we can easily incorporate into our lives. But before you rush to the supermarket, read on to learn more about the different



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