Healthy Japanese Sweets To Keep An Eye Out For If You’re On A Diet

Who said you should give up sweets when you’re on a diet?!

If you’ve ever wandered around the basement food floors of Japanese department stores, you’re bound to have seen a wide range of desserts from western delicacies to traditional Japanese sweets. Precious cakes, beautiful gift boxes, and tea cookies each individually wrapped to perfection. Ohh, the temptation.

Back when I first moved to Japan and was at my heaviest weight, desserts were always on my mind and the Japanese cafes and department stores made them hard to ignore. But to my pleasant surprise, I found that many Japanese sweets are made with ingredients that have amazing health benefits and are low in calories and fat. The desserts I’ll share with you do contain sugar (they are desserts, after all), but these particular desserts have health benefits that range from lowering the impact of that sugar on your blood sugar



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