Where To Buy Plus Size Women’s Clothes And Shoes In Japan

Shopping in Japan is like getting lost in Alice’s Wonderland — every little gadget comes in multiple different colors, crazy designs, tons of fun shapes, and there’s literally everything for anything you need. But when it comes to fashion, oftentimes it feels like there’s too much of very little: there are very few options for people who aren’t the “standard” Barbie size, and the “Large” sections at any department store, with their massive tablecloth-look-like jeans and colors varying from grey to, um, gray, look more like a dead zone than the fun shopping experience it is supposed to be.

However, with Tokyo being one of the world’s major fashion capitals, things are starting to change and finally, over the recent years we’ve begun witnessing a slow, but steady increase in brands that target curvier girls. So, without further ado, here they are, four of our favorite brands in Tokyo that



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