Siri Siri: An Elegant Fusion Of Modern Jewelry And Japanese Craftsmanship

It is rare that we come across a jewelry brand that truly stands out and makes you want to explore its origins and corporate values. But this is exactly what happened to me recently when I spotted a pair of glass earrings at a shop I came to know belonged to the brand Siri Siri. The brand, as I came to find out, is a sophisticated contemporary jewelry maker based in Tokyo that fuses unconventional materials with traditional Japanese craftsmanship into their jewels. The result is elegant and simple jewelry that enhances everyday looks and beautifully harmonizes with semi-formal wear — perfect for the coming holiday season.

About Siri Siri

Siri Siri was established in 2006 by designer, Naho Okamoto, a Japanese woman who had lived her whole life with a metal allergy and a forbidden love for gold and silver jewelry. Although she admired metal jewels, she could never wear them herself. While working for an interior design company she attained inspiration from a natural material called rattan, that led her to create the first collection for Siri Siri.


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The blending of traditional beauty styles and Japanese craftsmanship allowed each piece of jewelry to reflect Okamoto’s philosophy of contemporary refinement, subtle design and a core Japanese essence. She named her brand Siri Siri based on a Swahili word, silisili, which translates to ‘chain.’

Kiriko: Glass Jewelry

Siri Siri’s signature series Kiriko (literally, “cutting glass” and also the ones that led me discover the brand), features jewels with transparent glass in traditional Japanese forms. The glass-cutting technique has a long history in Japan and is very difficult to achieve. Siri Siri, however, chose to embrace the difficulty of working with kiriko glass and released a number of enchanting kiriko jewels within the series in forms of beautiful bangles, earrings and rings.


The natural palm material, rattan, takes fascinating form in Siri Siri collections. Rattan continues to stand as a highly useful natural resource in the design community, as it can be conditioned to express complex curves when immersed in water. Nowadays, rattan can be harvested from over 200 different kinds of vine plants in the palm trees family but was originally known to come from a spike-covered palm tree that could grow up to 200m high.




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