6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Shopping at Marine & Walk Yokohama

This latest addition to Yokohama’s shopping scene is everything we want but can never find from a shopping experience in Tokyo: relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial for your health (yes, really).

‘Tis the season for Christmas shopping which means the inevitable running around overcrowded department stores, shuffling up and down the packed streets of Omotesando and finally getting lost in the chaotic aisles of Donki (sorry fam, it’s gonna be wasabi Kit Kats again this year). If only there was a place that allowed us to take our sweet time, leisurely browsing until somehow we’ve ended up with unique gifts for the whole family without realizing it.

Well, we’ve found something that comes pretty close in the form of Marine & Walk Yokohama; an innovative mall and community event space that is raising the bar on the shopping experience, and generally making our lives So. Much. Easier. Read on to



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