5 Stylish (And Sometimes Flirty) Ways To Wear Uniqlo’s Classic White Shirt

Is the white shirt the new mini black dress?! You might be convinced after reading about these five looks.

Mastering the office dress code is never easy, especially in a city like Tokyo where trends are changing but the business culture remains traditional, conservative, and sometimes very difficult to gauge. Last month we looked at some great ways to style Zara’s signature pencil skirt. This month, we take a look at one of the most common, yet somewhat difficult to “wear it right” wardrobe essentials: the classic white shirt.

Simple as it is, white shirts are wearable year-round, but this year, white is one of the hottest colors and “boyish but sophisticated” is a trend that a number of popular brands have been actively pushing for. Among them is our favorite stop-by for heat-tech shirts and stockings and pretty much anything else: Uniqlo.

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