5 Lingerie Brands In Tokyo That Go Beyond Kawaii And Frills

Unlike what many ads will make you believe, wearing beautiful lingerie isn’t about attracting a potential partner or making a current one excited. It’s about claiming who we are when we are most liberated and dynamic.

For many non-Japanese women, shopping for lingerie in Tokyo can be a little frustrating — from sizing issues to a lack of variety, an abundance of overly cute or kawaii designs, and/or ridiculous amounts of padding in bras. But thanks to the introduction of more international brands, lingerie trends, styles and demands are quickly evolving into something a bit more bold, fashionable, and yes, sexy. Japanese brands such as Peach John, Ravijour and Wacoal are now offering new and improved designs that are sheer, sensual and show a lot more skin and natural curves.

Here are five recommended lingerie brand stores in Tokyo to find a wider variety of sexier, yet simpler underwear you’ll feel



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