5 Bosslady Outfit Ideas From Zara To Try This Spring

Dress for success without breaking the bank.

Just like anywhere else in the world, the Japanese business scene requires us to put a little bit extra effort into how we dress. Whether you like it or not, what you choose to wear to the office often plays an important role in your overall success as well as status as a career woman. In a city like Tokyo, both men and women are held to a high standard. Business attire dress does not mean business casual, and you are expected to dress for success. Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend bulks of cash at expensive department stores.

To help you coordinate your outfit like a true bosslady, in our new “wear it right” series, we’ll be introducing various hot items from affordable brands. Starting this month with Zara, we introduce five easy-to-assemble styles that are polished, professional looking,



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