Arashi releases “Kimi no Uta” single covers and previews

Arashi’s third single of the year “Kimi no Uta” will be used as the theme song of Aiba Masaki’s starring drama “Boku to Shippo to Kagurazaka”. The song depicts the treasures of “daily life” and feelings towards cherished people, things and places. The single will also include coupling song “Sky Again”, CM song of JAL TV-CM, JAL “Fly for it!”

Check out the tracklist and song preview below! The single will be out on October 24.

Kimi no Uta Tracklist

First Press Limited Edition

01 Kimi no Uta
02 White on White
03 White on White (Karaoke)

[DVD] Kimi no Uta video clip + making

Regular Edition

01 Kimi no Uta
02 Sky Again
03 Fake it
04 Count on me
05 Kimi no Uta (Karaoke)
06 Sky Again (Karaoke)
07 Fake it (Karaoke)
08 Count on me (Karaoke)

Kimi no Uta

Sky Again

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