Ame no Parade Venture to Guam for “Summer Time Magic”

On July 10, Ame no Parade will release a new digital single, “Summer Time Magic.” The summer weather has inspired the band to change their sound a bit, resulting in a more lighthearted, breezy pop tune. To match the music, Ame no Parade journeyed to Guam to shoot the music music video.

This release comes days after the digital release of Shinichi Osawa‘s remix of Ame no Parade’s April single “Ahead Ahead.” His signature sound adds an electronic spark to one of the normally electronic band’s less electronic songs, breathing new life into it.

Check out more information on both of these releases below!

Summer Time Magic

Ahead Ahead

雨ã®ãƒ‘レード「Ahead Ahead [Remixed by SHINICHI OSAWA(MONDO GROSSO)]ã€ã‚¸ãƒ£ã‚±ãƒƒãƒˆ

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