Savvy Spotlight: Speech & Language Pathologist Marsha Rosenberg

Doing what she does best even after retirement — offering language therapy and communication support to Japan’s international community.

Even on retirement, speech and language pathologist Marsha Rosenberg, 67, was not ready to give up her vocation and passion: supporting children with their communication.

At 65, shortly after retiring from her job as a language specialist at the American School in Japan, she began a full-time private practice in Tokyo’s Minato Ward offering language therapy to patients as well as literacy support to native-English-speaking children attending Japanese schools.

In addition, Rosenberg manages the intake for the Tokyo Association of Foreign Speech and Language Pathologists, carrying out initial assessments of children and consultations with their families before referring them to a speech and language pathologist in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas.

Savvy Tokyo caught up with Rosenberg to find out what drives her and what families can learn from her wealth



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