Ikea Japan CEO Von Reis: Japan Should ‘Let Loose The Female Talent’

Set to open their 10th store, Ikea Japan, under the leadership of CEO Helene Von Reis, is showing that business success and equality go hand in hand. Savvy Tokyo sat down with the CEO in her “favorite meeting room” accented with a bright green velvet couch to discuss her vision and how gender equality in the workplace is possible.

Helene von Reis is a rare find in Japan. As CEO of Ikea Japan since 2016, she is building upon tenets that helped Ikea — the Swedish furniture retailer that has more than 300 stores in 41 countries — find success.

At Ikea Japan, managers are at 50 percent men and 50 percent women. Workers receive equal pay for equal work, even though Japan as a whole is not up to this standard. On-site daycare for employees is a goal for all stores and is already a feature at the Ikea



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