Fusing French Finesse And Japanese Artistry With Bag Designer Marie Yasutake

After arriving in Tokyo in 2015 for a two-month internship, Marie Yasutake became enamored with Japan and it wasn’t long before she knew deep inside her that she wanted to make the country her second home. Following a brief return home to her native France to tidy her affairs, she was back in Japan to launch her career in the field of textile-related architecture.

Marie worked in both urban and rural locations before opting for the latter in 2016, settling in her new husband Shota’s hometown in Saga Prefecture. But, after a stint as an office worker followed by roles in marketing and design, at the age of 24 she found it too tough being a young, foreign woman in a traditional Japanese company.

Marie Yasutake

Inspired by monozukuri (the Japanese art of craftsmanship) and motivated by her experiences as a working woman, Marie launched C. Marie with Shota



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