Explore English Teaching Opportunities in Japan with EduCareer

Got a passion for teaching? Want to contribute to changing the status quo and be part of an environment where you’ll be given full responsibilities and your opinion will matter? Explore various English teaching opportunities with EduCareer, a company dedicated to helping educators pursue the right career for them in Japan.

Right now, more and more schools in Japan are shifting their hiring policy away from short-lived ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) contracts to investing in the long-term employment of foreign educators. With EduCareer, those who are interested in teaching English in Japan for the long term can find new opportunities across the country that will allow them to truly grow and develop, professionally and personally.

Founded in 2001, Tokyo-based firm EduCareer is a new service offered by Global Partners, education specialists who place teachers into the Japanese education system. The company helps passionate and professional teachers pursue a career path



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