‘Do Less, Live More’ Made Possible With Yasmine Djoudi of Ikkai

“What if there was a platform to connect me, a student who has some time (but no money) and looking for a place to exercise my skills, and a person/company who has money (but no time) and needs a one-time help?” These were the initial thoughts that ran through Yasmine Djoudi’s mind while still a student in Fukuoka. A few years later, she and her partner now run a company that does exactly this (and more) under the motto: ‘Do Less, Live More.” Here’s her story.

At 26, while on a student exchange program to Fukuoka from her native France, Yasmine Djoudi observed a way she might help address two of Japan’s pressing problems: a culture of long working hours that impedes work-life balance and a shortage of talent caused by an aging population.

Her idea was simple: to establish a website offering students one-off tasks for cash and experience



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