Changing Corporate Japan: Forbes Japan’s Women Award 2017

For the second consecutive year, in December 2017, business magazine Forbes Japan gathered a large audience in central Tokyo to celebrate the outstanding work of women and companies in Japan. Here’s who got the wins this time.

In a ceremony held at Ritz Carlton in Tokyo’s Minato district on December 21 last year, business magazine Forbes Japan announced the winners of their, now annual, Japan Women Award. Launched in 2016 for the first time, the award recognizes female entrepreneurs and companies working to promote gender equality at the forefront of Japan’s corporate world.

Given that Japan’s rank in gender equality in the workplace dropped once again — by three slots — on the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings in 2017, placing 114th of 144 countries, the award was, to say the least, necessary and appreciated.  

Slightly amended from last year, this time the award was divided into three



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