Bringing Businesses To Life Through The Lens With Photographer Tia Haygood

Creator of TopTia Photography Tia Haygood admits being an unlikely entrepreneur. Having never studied any aspect of business management, the 30-year-old American experienced a bumpy ride when she launched her start-up in 2016. But her cheerful personality and positive, people-orientated outlook soon made up for any lack of business acumen she might have had.

Proactively engaging with the foreign community in Tokyo through non-profit organizations, mentoring groups and local activities is what kept bringing Haygood supporters, fans and clients.

Now, more than two years on, she is traveling not only within Tokyo but also across Chubu and Tohoku to photograph people, business owners, products and events. Her goal is to help companies and individuals enhance their brand by enabling them to put their best foot forward visually.

Savvy Tokyo sat down with Haygood to find out what has kept her going and how an entrepreneur’s dream can become



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