Tokyo International Film Festival 2018: The Red Carpet

A Star Is Born

Japanese actress Shinobu Terajima, center, Warner Bros Japan president Masami Takahashi (right) and Tomohiro Doai, Warner Bros Japan vice-president (left) representing TIFF 2018’s opening movie, “A Star Is Born.” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the opening this year! (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

More about the movieOne Cut of the Dead

The cast of “One Cut of the Dead,” a low-budget-turned-blockbuster film directed by Shinichiro Ueda (fourth from left on the first row). (Photo: Savvy Tokyo/Alexandra Homma)

More About The Movie21st Century Girl

Japanese actresses from “21 Century Girl,” an anthology of 14 short films about living as a woman in the 21st century, produced by Japanese director U-ki Yamato. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo/David Jaskiewicz)

More About The MovieInternational Competition Jury

From left to right: Hong Kong film director and producer Stanley Kwan, American film and television producer Bryan Burk, Filipino independent film director and president of jury Brillante Ma Mendoza, Japanese actress Kaho Minami and Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

Japan Now: Films of Koji Yakusho

Veteran Japanese actor Koji Yakusho (center) with Shuichi Okita (left), director of “The Woodsman and the Rain,” and Kazuya Shiraishi (right), director of “The Blood of Wolves.” (Photo: Savvy Tokyo/David Jaskiewicz)

See moreJust Only Love

Director Rikiya Imaizumi (second from right), actresses Yukino Kishii (second from left) and Mai Fukagawa (far right), and actor Ryuya Wakaba (far left) representing the Japanese movie “Just Only Love,” a complicated romance drama. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

More About The MovieThe Poet

The cast, producers and director Liu Hao (fourth from left) of Chinese drama “The Poet,” a story about a miner-turned-poet living during China’s Economic Reform. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

More About The MovieThe Travelling Cat Chronicles

Japanese actor Sota Fukushi (center), actress Alice Hirose (right) and director Koichiro Miki (left) representing “The Travelling Cat Chronicles,” a film about a man who goes on a journey to find someone to look after his beloved cat. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo/David Jaskiewicz)

More About The MovieThe Father’s Shadow

Director Gabriela Amaral Almeida (left) and producer Rodrigo Sarti Werthein from Brazil, representing “The Father’s Shadow.” (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

More About The MovieThe Vice of Hope

Italian actress Pina Turco (left) and director Edoardo De Angelis from “The Vice of Hope.”, a story about one woman’s rediscovery of her priority in life after she feels as if she has lost everything. (Photo: Savvy Tokyo/David Jaskiewicz)

More About The MovieGangoose

The cast and crew of Japanese film “Gangoose,” directed by Yu Irie (far right) and starring actress Maika Yamamoto (second from left). (Photo: Savvy Tokyo)

More About The MovieHard-Core

Director Nobuhiro Yamashita and robot, the leading character in the movie “Hard-Core.” The movie, also featuring famous actors Takayuki Yamada and Takeru Satoh (both not present at the opening), is about three awkward men who meet a friendly robot



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