Tanabata: The Night When Love Prevails

“True love stories never have endings,” American writer Richard Bach once said, and no other words could ever describe the essence of Tanabata, one of Japan’s most beautiful summer festivals. A romantic legend, the story of Japan’s best-known lovers has endured for centuries and this year again, we celebrate romance — on this one very night when love prevails.

One of the most famous summer festivals in Japan, Tanabata, usually celebrated on July 7, literally means the “seventh night.” Known as the Star Festival, it is one of the many Japanese festivals originating from China and has been celebrated in Japan since the 700s.

Though there are a few variations about the origins of Tanabata, all revolve around two lovers who have to cross galaxies to be with each other only for one single night each year.

A Legend of Eternal Love & Patience

The legend goes that Orihime



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