Kodomo No Hi: A Guide To Children’s Day In Japan

Happy Children’s Day to all our little treasures!

Things change quickly in Japan and as soon as Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) is over, the country starts preparing for Golden Week — and even more specifically, for Children’s Day. You may have noticed that your neighborhood is more active than usual, gearing up for something special. To the untrained eye, it seems like an odd affair — colorful carp-shaped flags hoisted from balconies and ominous-looking samurai armor adorning family living rooms.

That’s right, today it’s Children’s Day. And here’s our guide on how to celebrate it like a local.

The Origins of Kodomo No Hi

Children’s Day is the last day of three consecutive public holidays in early May: 3rd (Constitution Memorial Day), 4th (Greenery Day) and 5th (Children’s Day), which form the so-called Golden Week — holidays crammed together in hope that people in Japan will take some time off



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