7 Netflix Shows That Will Help You Understand Japan

From Japanese idol culture to historic propaganda to informative trivia, this list has something for every binge-watching Netflix viewer looking to open their eyes to another side of Japan.

It’s that time of year again in Tokyo: the parasols are out, the air is sticky, the crowded trains are sweatier and more humid than usual, and that spot on the couch beneath the air-conditioner next to a box of popsicles is looking more and more appealing. Why not stay inside this weekend and deepen your understanding of Japan, its culture and its people? Here is a list of seven historic, informative and interesting shows that will help you do just that! We’ve included a wide range of Netflix favorites (with English subtitles) focusing on Japan and the Japanese people, all for your viewing pleasure. 

The Birth of Sake

This award-winning documentary explores the lives of sake artisans working



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