5 Tokyo Classes To Guide You Through The World Of Japanese Culture

From traditional theater, to how to sip sake, here are five activities to immerse yourself in the unique world of Japanese culture.

Japan is a nation home to a richly admired and endlessly fascinating culture, one that permeates every single facet of life. If you have an interest in Japanese culture or are just on the lookout for a way to pick up a few new skills and maybe make a few new friends, it’s worth considering signing up for an extracurricular educational class or two. Here are five recommended Tokyo-based activities — from weaving to acting on traditional Japanese stage — for your next Japan experience!

1. Weaving at Saori no Mori 

If you’ve ever tried Japanese weaving you’ll agree that once you find your flow it’s easily one of the most relaxing, productive hobbies around. At Saori no Mori in Ikebukuro you can try your hand



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