Sekai Project Lays Off Marketing Staff

CEO Christopher Ling comments that layoffs are due to restructuring

Sekai Project brand manager Frances Delgado revealed on social media that her “entire office” at Sekai Project was laid off on Monday. Studio Élan lead Josh Kaplan also tweeted to say he is no longer employed at Sekai Project.

Sekai Project CEO Christopher Ling posted an official statement on the company’s website on Monday, confirming that the company has laid off “many” of its employees, mostly from marketing. He added that the staff for translation, programming, editing, and quality control are still working on projects.

Ling said the reason for the layoffs is a restructuring of the company. In an update to the company’s Kickstarter campaign for the Tokyo Chronos visual novel, Ling said the restructuring is necessary “to better take on the changes in the market.” He also said he would “like to assure everyone that Sekai Project



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