Sankarea's Mitsuru Hattori to Launch New Manga

Kaijū-iro no Shima to debut in September

The September issue of Shueisha‘s Monthly Dragon Age magazine revealed on August 9 that Mitsuru Hattori will launch a new manga in the fifth volume of sister magazine Bessatsu Dragon Age on September 25.

The manga is tentatively titled Kaijū-iro no Shima (“Monster-Colored Island or “Scheelite-Colored Island”). The manga will feature in the issue’s front cover, and will have a color opening page. The magazine hinted at the manga’s story with three questions: “What color are you?” “What color is love?” and “What color am I?”

Bessatsu Dragon Age EX will also publish the “Poka Poka Onsen Kosasshi” (Warm Hot Spring Pamphlet) supplement with the next issue. It will feature various creators from Bessatsu Dragon Age drawing short, hot spring-themed stories.

Hattori published the zombie comedy manga Sankarea (pictured right) from 2009 to 2014, and it inspired a 2012 anime that Funimation



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