Newton and the Apple Tree Visual Novel Debuts on Wednesday

Sol Press announced on August 7 that it will release Laplacian’s bishōjo visual novel Newton and the Apple Tree (Newton to Ringo no Ki) on Steam on Wednesday, August 15.

MiKandi Japan and Sol Press ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the game from December to January. The campaign raised US$88,095 out of its initial goal of US$31,200.

Newton and the Apple Tree debuted for Windows in Japan in May 2017. The game is rated R-18. MiKandi Japan confirmed with ANN that Sol Press will also make an all-ages version of the game available.

The game has more than five endings. MiKandi Japan describes the story:

Newton and the Apple Tree centers around protagonist, Syuji Asanaga, and his childhood pal Yotsuko Utakane. They are on a mission to find Syuji’s grandfather who has mysteriously vanished. The two somehow end up hurtling through the fabric of time and ultimately



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