New Manga Publishing Company Denpa Launches, Licenses Kaiji, Inside Mari, More

Ed Chavez, former Vertical marketing director and most recently vice president of FAKKU, announced a new North American manga publishing company named Denpa at Otakon on Saturday. The company plans to release manga from a variety of genres beginning with the following titles:

In addition, Shintaro Kago‘s Super Dimensional Love Gun and Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Overfiend will move over from FAKKU to Denpa. FAKKU founder Jacob Grady announced on Twitter that he is also a founder of Denpa.

The company will have its own digital platform. At least some of its releases will be available in print.

Denpa will release Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji (Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji) in six omnibus volumes with 500+ pages each beginning in the first quarter of 2019.

In the Kodansha Manga Award-winning story of the 1996-1999 manga, a consummate gambler named Kaiji bets on games ranging from janken (rock-paper-scissors) and human racing to falling



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